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HB Bridge

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The HB and HB Two/Tone™ pickups are full-sized dual blade humbucker pickups designed to maximize tone, sensitivity and output. Both pickup models provide incredible low-end clarity and overall high sustain characteristics that make them suitable for virtually any musical style, from blues to rock to jazz. The pickups were designed to fit into standard humbucker body routs and pickup rings.
The HB is our single mode (humbucker-only) full sized pickup suitable for those applications where the added flexibility of single coil tones as available in our HB Two/Tone dual-mode pickup is not needed. The HB fits into any standard Gibson sized body route. It offers pristine highs, and tight well defined lows without the muddiness or dullness that are characteristic of so many competitive humbucker pickups. The HB is a 4 wire pickups (plus a bare drain wire) that affords flexibile wiring arrangements. The HB looks identical to its dual mode HB Two/Tone relative and is available in both bridge and neck models. Value priced sets are also availablel when ordering bridge and neck together.