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HB Neck

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The HB and HB Two/Tone™ pickups are full-sized dual blade humbucker pickups designed to maximize tone, sensitivity and output. I Both pickup models provide incredible low-end clarity and overall high sustain characteristics that make them suitable for virtually any musical style, from blues to rock to jazz. The pickups were designed to fit into standard humbucker body routs and pickup rings.
The HB is our single mode, i.e. humbucker only for those applications where the added flexibility of single coil tones is not needed. In contrast, the HB Two/Tone™ is a dual mode pickup that uses coil tapping to deliver great humbucker and authentic single coil sounds without turning one coil off to do it. Mode switching is totally noiseless and is done using a mini toggle or push/pull pot. The dual mode design of the HB Two/Tone is an improvement over any series/parallel or split-coil wiring, as it gives you the same tone and output level as the S-Deluxe!
The HB Two/Tone is the ultimate pickup for HSS or HSH Strat type guitars. When you switch to into the single-coil-sounding mode, the pickup mimics an S-Deluxe pickup, so that in combination with the middle pickup, you get the perfect "in-between" sound from your Strat. There is no switching noise and no hum in either mode. Models are available for both neck and bridge positions.