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HB Two/Tone Neck

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The HB and HB Two/Tone™ pickups are full-sized dual blade humbucker pickups designed to maximize tone, sensitivity and output. The HB is a single mode pickup that provides incredible low-end clarity and overall high sustain characteristics that make it suitable for virtually any musical style, from blues to rock to jazz.
The HB Two/Tone™ is dual mode pickup. It was designed to be the ultimate pickup for HSS or HSH configured guitars. It is literally two pickups in one: you get the HB (humbucker) tone when the pickup is in full mode, and when you hit a DPDT mini-switch or push/pull pot, the tone and output change to that of an single-coil-sounding S-Deluxe, so that in combination with the middle pickup, you get the perfect "in-between" sound. There is no switching noise and no hum in either mode. Available for both neck and bridge positions.

The design is an improvement over any series/parallel or split-coil wiring, as it gives you the same tone and output level as the S-Deluxe! Many musicians have told us that the HB Two/Tone™ is like a Strat pickup that turns itself into a humbucker! (Or, a humbucker that can turn itself into a single-coil-sounding pickup - but without the noise normally introduced by coil splitting of a standard humbucker !)

The HB andHB Two/Tone models, fit into standard humbucker body routs. Both modles use 6 conductor shielded cable.