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S-Deluxe CHUNKY Bridge Pickup additional picture 1
S-Dlxe Chunky White

S-Deluxe CHUNKY Bridge Pickup

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USD$ 159.95



Thicker sound for your Strat without going all the way to a Fat Strat and full sized humbucker in the bridge position.

The S-Deluxe Chunky is a thicker sounding variant of our S-Deluxe bridge pickup. It fits inside a standard Strat body and delivers just the right amount of extra thickness that Strat players have been asking for. And, unlike full-sized humbuckers or heavily over-wound ‘fat’ Strat pickups from other pickup companies, the S-Deluxe Chunky does not take you outside the city limits of Strat-ville. One JBE artist called the S-Deluxe Chunky “a turbo-charger” for his bridge pickup that still allows him to get credible Strat bridge and in-between tones but with a heavier feel.