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White S-Dlxe Set

S-Deluxe Chunky Set

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USD$ 439.85   USD$ 509.85

Bride Pickup only


The S-Deluxe Chunky Set is a value packaged and priced 3 pickup set of (2) S-Deluxe Neck/Middle pickups and (1) S-Deluxe CHUNKY bridge pickup ..

The tone of the S-Deluxes are absolutely Strat™ in character, but with expanded fidelity and a balanced frequency response. Hum and noise are completely eliminated in the design. The pickups are incredibly sensitive, giving you a wide range of tones and output levels simply by adjusting the distance of the pickup from the strings.

The "in-between" positions are wonderfully hollow, and the CHUNKY bridge pickup offers a fatter tone for those who prefer just a bit less high end in the bridge position. The unique staggered double blade design of the bridge pickup eliminates drop-outs on the outer strings.

All S-Deluxe pickups are designed to fit standard Strat body routs. The pickups utilize 4 conductor shielded cable to allow for any possible wiring combination and are supplied with wiring diagrams download and mounting hardware to facilitate installation.